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Smile, you're beautiful. This is just another Harry imagines blog. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me them. You also can submit your imagines/stories. I DON'T make personal imagines so don't request them.

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Read our description before requesting.

Does anyone have any requests? We’d love to add more to our list! -Melissa.

posted 4 hours ago

infinitedawnxx asked: "Hi loves!I love your blog so so so much! <3 Can you please write an imagine on how you and Harry get in a fight and then he apologizes and proposes? :) Thank you! xxx"

That’s so sweet, thank you! And we love love love you. -Melissa.

posted 4 hours ago

Anonymous asked: "I don't mean to sound rude ir anything but you literally pass on every request you get, you should be happy people even read your stories."

Excuse you? This is very rude and guess what? We have 8k followers. We really don’t care about hate. But we may decide which request we write and not. Who are you to tell us what we can write and not? Exactly. Nobody. We do want to write it, but we can’t write it because there are simply no gifs to use. Next time sweetheart, stop being so pathetic to hide behind a grey face and actually dare to come off anon. It was nice to bother us with your input, but we don’t care. It’s our blog - not yours. And we only passed out on three requests. Oh wow, God forbid us we decline anything. Thank you. -Melissa.

posted 4 hours ago

Anonymous asked: "Can you do a imagine where, you & the one direction boys are in the hunger games & he saves you & you save them & stuff?"

I’d love to, but then again, there is literally no fitting gif we could use. I’m sorry bb. -Melissa.

Ask me something or request things.

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Anonymous asked: "Write one where you're Liam's sister and you're on tour work the boys and you're aleeping with harry and then the boys walk in on you and ya"

Well, to me, this is kinda rude. I mean, you basically demand us to write something without putting a ”please” somewhere. Also, you haven’t taken the time to read what kind of blog we are, which we are just yourharrymagines, which means only Harry imagines. I’ve talked to Laura about this request and we’re gonna pass on it. -Melissa.

Ask me something or request things.

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Anonymous asked: "request: angry harry / sick harry / you and harry babysitting"

Three of my favorite things, so added to our list bb! -Melissa.

Ask me something or request things.

posted 10 hours ago