I’m so sorry I haven’t been online, sadly. I’m still accepting imagine requests so feel free to send a few in! -Melissa.

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anahazzastyles asked: "Freeze! You're under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful :)"

This is so cute, thank you! -Melissa.

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Anonymous asked: "Hello! How have you girls been? <3 I love you guys so much! Have a nice day!!"

Hello! Laura has been good since the last time we skyped which was 2 days ago so I’m sure she’s doing well. I’ve been quite good - I actually want to apologize for that I didn’t come online but, I was really busy with my uncle’s funeral and school. -Melissa.

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Anonymous asked: "Masterlist?xx"

You can find every imagine we wrote here! -Melissa.

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I’d love to hear your opinions of the 1d ex-girlfriends, girlfriends or boys! So Give your opinion on the boys/1d girlfriends. -Melissa.

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myworld-yours101 asked: "What are your upcoming imagines?"

A regular one and one where you get into a fight with Harry. We deleted some requests because we didn’t really have muse for it or, it could be triggering to people. -Melissa.

Accepting imagine requests.

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Well, I’m still in tears over Luke at the VMA’s yesterday and I’m super excited for London! We’re also still accepting requests so feel free to send them in. 

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I’d love some more make me choose memes. Also, we’re doing a little honesty hour so feel free to send us some questions! -Melissa.

Send me make me choose questions and I’ll make a gif set of it.

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Anonymous asked me - Larry or Zouis?

Make me choose meme.

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Anonymous asked: "Hii I'm Mariah was wondering if you can make me an imagine with Harry and I? Any situation you would like to write about :)"

Absolutely! It’s on the request list and will be done somewhere next week. -Melissa.

Accepting imagine requests.

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